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What’s the Stem Cells Buzz this Week? – MSC Review, NSC-treatment for PD, Electroacupuncture, and Pulmonary SMCs Origins!



A roundup of some the recent stories in the ever-changing world of stem cells and regenerative medicine

Reviewing how MSC Navigate, Home and Migrate

Systemic administration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) forgoes the invasive procedures associated with lesion-proximal transplantation. However, systemically administered MSCs then need to navigate, home, and finally leave the blood flow and migrate through the endothelial barrier to reach the wanted site of action. The lab of Franziska Nitzsche (University of Pittsburgh, USA) has recently penned an excellent article for STEM CELLS, in which they review this area using the leukocyte extravasation process as a role model. Sounds like a great read

NSC-mediated Restoration of PD Induced SVZ Impairment

Neural stem cells (NSCs) represent a promising treatment option for Parkinson's disease (PD), although we do not fully understand the reparative mechanisms at play. However, a new STEM CELLS study from Xinjie Bao, Wei Ge, and Renzhi Wang has recently suggested that, in addition to disruption of the dopaminergic system, PD may also affect the subventricular zone of the brain. Furthermore, NSC transplantation restores this area by stimulating tissue-resident stem cells and not by directly contributing to cell replacement. This reveals an unexpected role of the SVZ in PD progress and treatment and therefore, may provide new therapeutic targets.

Electroacupuncture Releases Mesenchymal Stem Cells

An interesting new study from the labs of Maria B. Grant and Mervin C Yoder (Indiana University School of Medicine, USA) has recently suggested that electroacupuncture stimulates mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) release into peripheral blood through the activation of the nervous system. This new study describes how electroacupuncture could aid tissue repair by increasing the levels of circulating MSCs and boost autologous stem cell therapies by allowing elevated levels of MSCs to be harvested from the blood. See STEM CELLS now for all the electrifying details!

On the Origin of Pulmonary SMCs

Lung development and homeostasis both require the actions of pulmonary smooth muscle cells (SMCs), which are thought to be generated by specific, currently unappreciated, progenitor cells. Now a new study from the labs of Elie El Agha and Saverio Bellusci (Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany) has analyzed the contribution of different progenitor cells to SMC lineage using various reporters. See STEM CELLS now for a detailed look at the study’s intriguing new findings.

So that’s a wrap for this week! Please let us know your views on all the stories we have covered here on the Stem Cells Buzz, and please let us know if we have missed anything interesting! Happy reading!