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Brief reviews of recently published articles, organized by stem cell type.

May 28, 2017 | Bone Marrow Stem Cells

A new study finds that multipotent adult progenitor cell-treatment acts on the spleen to improve functional recovery from stroke

May 28, 2017 | ESCs/iPSCs

A new study finds that progressive electrophysiological and morphological maturation of transplanted iPSC-derived neural cells occurs over long-time periods in vivo

May 22, 2017 | ESCs/iPSCs

A new study learns that the activation of the innate immune system enhances the reprogramming of somatic cells into other fates

May 22, 2017 | Embryo Development

Sophisticated analysis of human adult cells has allowed researchers to pinpoint somatic mutations that occur in the developing embryo

May 15, 2017 | Muscle Stem Cells

A new soft fibrin culture substrate permits the selective expansion of muscle stem cells from bulk muscle tissue

May 15, 2017 | Technology

A new nanoparticle-based technique for rewarming cryopreserved tissues may revolutionize the field of organ transplants

May 7, 2017 | Kidney Stem Cells

A new study suggests that engraftment of transplanted human kidney cells is not required for the effective treatment of kidney injury 

May 7, 2017 | Haematopoetic Stem Cells

A new study now indicates that the lungs contain hematopoietic progenitors and contribute significantly to platelet formation 


April 29, 2017 | Muscle Stem Cells

A new study describing the magnetic sorting of smooth muscle progenitor cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells may promote their clinical application

April 29, 2017 | ESCs/iPSCs

The overexpression of an RNA binding protein enhances endothelial cell differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells and may improve the treatment of cardiovascular disease patients