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Article Scans

Brief reviews of recently published articles, organized by stem cell type.

March 11, 2019 | Neural Stem Cells

A new study investigates the signaling pathways linking stroke and neural stem cell function with a focus on blood‐brain barriers in brain stem cell niches

March 11, 2019 | Cardiac Stem Cells

New results do not support the presence of quiescent cardiac stem cells, transdifferentiation into cardiomyocytes, or cardiomyocyte proliferation post-injury

March 4, 2019 | Cord Blood Stem Cells

A study reports on the factors controlling improved platelet engraftment of umbilical cord blood progenitors by osteoblast conditioned medium treatment

March 4, 2019 | Haematopoetic Stem Cells

Researchers describe how transcription factor cooperation aids the generation of hemogenic precursors from human fibroblasts via an endothelial intermediate

February 25, 2019 | Bone Marrow Stem Cells

A new study finds that targeting the cAMP‐CREB1‐HDAC8 axis in BMSCs may represent an effective therapeutic approach for fibrous dysplasia patients

February 25, 2019 | Mesenchymal Stem Cells

New research reports that young MSCs promote more rapid wound healing than old MSCs and uncovers single-cell age-related transcriptional differences

February 25, 2019 | Haematopoetic Stem Cells

A report now establishes that intestinal graft-resident HSPCs contribute to long-term multilineage blood chimerism after human intestinal transplantation

February 18, 2019 | ESCs/iPSCs

New research highlights the suitability of hepatocytes differentiated from cGMP human pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic applications in human patients

February 18, 2019 | Haematopoetic Stem Cells

A Cas9 variant with cell cycle-specific activity coupled with cell synchronization improves the efficiency of hematopoietic stem cell gene editing

February 18, 2019 | Pancreatic Stem Cells

A study finds that integrin-ECM interactions alter intracellular forces and drives transcriptional changes that control pancreatic progenitor differentiation