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Concise Review: Bridging the Gap: Novel Neuroregenerative and Neuroprotective Strategies in Spinal Cord Injury



Schematic highlighting promising primary and adjunctive neuroregenerative strategies for traumatic spinal cord injury. Transplanted autogenic and allogenic cells can differentiate to oligodendrocytes to remyelinate denuded axons (1), neurons to restore functional neural circuits (2), or can be modified to express critical pro-regenerative factors to positively modulate the microenvironment (8). Multipotent cells can also be mobilized from endogenous cell pools, particularly the central canal, to facilitate recovery (5). Both exogenous and endogenous regeneration may be further bolstered by providing molecular signalling to direct axon regrowth (3), enhancing synaptic plasticity (4), providing a structural framework for engraftment (e.g. biomaterials) (6), and/or degrading the inhibitory glial scar (7).

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