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A new era for Stem Cells in regenerative medicine- into the clinic



In addition to our leading role in understanding the basic mechanisms governing stem cell function over the past 32 years, STEM CELLS is proud to contribute key information toward the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine.

The current virtual collection of the Editor’s picks in this field over the past year contain reports of key stem cell clinical trials, important information about how stem cells respond to and regulate their environment after transplantation, and reports of matrices that can be implanted to attract and guide resident, endogenous stem cells.

For other important reports on the translation of therapies from the basic mechanisms toward clinical therapies please visit the website for our “sister journal” Stem Cells Translational Medicine. Enjoy!

Jan A. Nolta

Umbilical Cord Blood Therapy Potentiated with Erythropoietin for Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Kyunghoon Min, Junyoung Song, Jin Young Kang, Jooyeon Ko, Ju Seok Ryu, Myung Seo Kang, Su Jin Jang, Sang Heum Kim, Doyeun Oh, Moon Kyu Kim, Sung Soo Kim and MinYoung Kim

Injectable bone tissue engineering using expanded mesenchymal stem cells
Yamada Y, Nakamura S, Ito K, Umemura E, Hara K, Nagasaka T, Abe A, Baba S, Furuichi Y, Izumi Y, Klein OD, Wakabayashi T.

Biomaterial Microenvironments to Support the Generation of New Neurons in the Adult Brain
Anthony Conway and David V. Schaffer

Intra-Articular Injection of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial
Chris Hyunchul Jo, Young Gil Lee, Won Hyoung Shin, Hyang Kim, Jee Won Chai, Eui Cheol Jeong, Ji Eun Kim, Hackjoon Shim, Ji Sun Shin, Il Seob Shin, Jeong Chan Ra, Sohee Oh and Kang Sup Yoon

Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Treat Tissue Damage in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: Correlation of Biological Markers with Clinical Responses
Fang Yin, Minoo Battiwalla, Sawa Ito, Xingmin Feng, Fariba Chinian, Jan Joseph Melenhorst, Eleftheria Koklanaris, Marianna Sabatino, David Stroncek, Leigh Samsel, Jeffrey Klotz, Nancy F. Hensel, Pamela G. Robey and A. John Barrett

Concise Review: Spinal Cord Injuries: How Could Adult Mesenchymal and Neural Crest Stem Cells Take Up the Challenge?
Virginie Neirinckx, Dorothée Cantinieaux, Cécile Coste, Bernard Rogister, Rachelle Franzen and Sabine Wislet-Gendebien

Concise Review: The Immune Status of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Its Relevance for Therapeutic Application
Shoshan Knaän-Shanzer

Priming with Ligands Secreted by Human Stromal Progenitor Cells Promotes Grafts of Cardiac Stem/Progenitor Cells After Myocardial Infarction
Yoshitaka Iso, Krithika S. Rao, Charla N. Poole, A. K. M. Tarikuz Zaman, Ingrid Curril, Burton E. Sobel, Jan Kajstura, Piero Anversa and Jeffrey L. Spees

Brief Report: Reconstruction of Joint Hyaline Cartilage by Autologous Progenitor Cells Derived from Ear Elastic Cartilage
Mitsuru Mizuno, Shinji Kobayashi, Takanori Takebe, Hiroomi Kan, Yuichiro Yabuki, Takahisa Matsuzaki, Hiroshi Y. Yoshikawa, Seiichiro Nakabayashi, Lee Jeong Ik, Jiro Maegawa and Hideki Taniguchi

Concise Review: Current Status of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in Lung Biology and Diseases
Daniel J. Weiss

Concise Review: Hurdles in a Successful Example of Limbal Stem Cell-based Regenerative Medicine
Graziella Pellegrini, Paolo Rama, Antonio Di Rocco, Athanasios Panaras and Michele De Luca

Concise Review: Bridging the Gap: Bone Regeneration Using Skeletal Stem Cell-Based Strategies—Where Are We Now?
Jonathan I. Dawson, Janos Kanczler, Rahul Tare, Moustapha Kassem and Richard O.C. Oreffo

Concise Review: Engineering Myocardial Tissue: The Convergence of Stem Cells Biology and Tissue Engineering Technology
Jan Willem Buikema, Peter Van Der Meer, Joost P.G. Sluijter and Ibrahim J. Domian

Concise review: Combining human leukocyte antigen G and mesenchymal stem cells for immunosuppressant biotherapy
Abderrahim Naji, Nathalie Rouas-Freiss, Antoine Durrbach, Edgardo D. Carosella, Luc Sensébé and Frédéric Deschaseaux

Concise review: Bone marrow autotransplants for liver disease?
Iman Saramipoor Behbahan, Armand Keating and Robert Peter Gale

Costimulation-adhesion blockade is superior to Cyclosporine A and prednisone immunosuppressive therapy for preventing rejection of differentiated human embryonic stem cells following transplantation
Bruno C. Huber, Julia D. Ransohoff, Katherine J. Ransohoff, Johannes Riegler, Antje Ebert, Kazuki Kodo, Yongquan Gong, Veronica Sanchez-Freire, Devaveena Dey, Nigel G. Kooreman, Sebastian Diecke, Wendy Y. Zhang, Justin Odegaard, Shijun Hu, Joseph D. Gold, Robert C. Robbins and Joseph C. Wu

Autologous adipose tissue-derived stem cells treatment demonstrated favorable and sustainable therapeutic effect for Crohn's fistula
Woo Yong Lee, Kyu Joo Park, Yong Beom Cho, Sang Nam Yoon, Kee Ho Song, Do Sun Kim, Sang Hun Jung, Mihyung Kim, Hee-Won Yoo, Inok Kim, Hunjoo Ha and Chang Sik Yu