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IFATS 09 - Meeting Summary



A wide range of topics was covered, including the characterization of adipose stromal/stem cells (ASCs), mechanisms and processes involved in control of their fate, engineering and therapeutic applications in soft tissue reconstruction, bone formation, cardiovascular repair, plastic surgery, inflammation and immunity, and the translation of basic science to the clinic.

The keynote addresses provided overviews, syntheses, and analysis of a number of important and exciting areas. Dr. G. Weidenger from the Max Plank Institute described the amazing capacity of the adult newt to regenerate complex structures, including an entire limb and the heart. Recent studies are revealing the underlying molecular mechanism involved in these processes, with the hopes of transferring this knowledge to the treatment of humans. Dr De Lafontan from the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Rangueil in France summarized the complexity of adipose tissue physiology and metabolism, while Dr. C. Dani from the Institut de Biochimie, CNRS, France focused on the development and function of adipose tissue. Dr. P. Menasché from the Hospital Assistance Publique in France gave a thoughtful and fascinating overview of therapeutics in cardiovascular diseases, summarizing past and on-going clinical trials, and exploring the use stem cells in these studies. An exciting special lecture given by Dr. N. Askenazy from the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel challenged widely held views about stem cells and reconsidered all of the current concepts and conclusions established in the field.

Thirty-five oral abstracts were presented in 8 symposia; the first three devoted to adipose tissue biology, adipogenesis, and inflammation and immunity, while the remainder discussed the therapeutic uses of ASCs, including mesenchymal and non-mesencymal tissue, the heart and vasculature, stem cell engineering, and translation to the clinic. Awards were presented for the best pre-doctoral student and post-doctoral student oral presentations. These awards were presented to Alexander Bailey (pre-doctoral) for his presentation “Evidence of a robust trafficking capability: Adipose-derived stem cells slowly roll on P-selectin and enhance firm adhesion to VCAM-1 following exposure to SDF-1alpha” and to Paul DiMuzio (post-doctoral), for his presentation “Endothelial differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells: How close have we really come?”

The world of adipose stem cells is rapidly developing, and this tissue now appears to be one of the best and most powerful sources for regenerating cells. Join us at our next inspiring and thought-provoking meeting, The 7th Annual Meeting of the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS 09), to be held at the Hotel Inter-Burgo in Daegu, Korea, on October 15-17, 2009.

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