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November 19, 2019
Body: Scientists have successfully produced human tissues from stem cells. They have a complexity similar to that of normal tissue and are far superior to previous structures.
November 19, 2019
Body: Nuclear RNA levels are kept in check by RNA decay factors. Now, researchers show that an excess of RNA in the nucleus can have negative effects on a crucial regulator of stem cell differentiation.
November 13, 2019
Body: Medical researchers have discovered a new biomarker in cancer stem cells that govern cancer survival and spread, and it's raising hope that drug discovery to kill cancer stem cells could follow suit.
November 12, 2019
Body: A protein that drives growth of pancreatic cancer, and which could be a target for new treatments, has been identified.
November 7, 2019
Body: Heart muscle cells derived from stem cells show remarkable adaptability to their environment during and after spaceflight, according to a new study. The researchers examined cell-level cardiac function and gene expression in human heart cells cultured aboard the International Space Station for 5.5 weeks. Exposure to microgravity altered the expression of thousands of genes, but largely normal patterns of gene expression reappeared within 10 days after returning to Earth.
November 7, 2019
Body: Researchers have used transplanted stem cells to grow lungs in mice. Findings could lead to new options for lung transplant patients.
November 7, 2019
Body: Leukemia stem cells initiate and sustain leukemia, but researchers have found a way to steer them toward a path of self-destruction.
November 7, 2019
Body: All cells in the body contain the same genetic material. The difference between cells therefore depends solely on which genes are expressed or 'turned on'. Now, researchers have gained new insights into how genes are turned on and off and how the cells ''forget their past'' while developing into a specific cell in the body. This new knowledge will be crucial for stem cell therapy and potentially treating people with cancer.
November 6, 2019
Body: In the first large-scale clinical study to characterize stem cells from the umbilical cord blood and tissues of premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia -- a severe, chronic lung disease -- researchers found that these babies had more stem cells at birth.
November 4, 2019
Body: A major challenge in regenerative medicine is producing tailor-made hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) for transplantation. For this we need a better understanding of where, when and how HSCs are produced in vivo. Scientists have now discovered a new hematopoietic wave in the bone marrow that fills the gap between embryonic blood production and adult bone marrow hematopoietic production.