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Challenges in Clinical Development of Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells: Concise Review
Ilenia Mastrolia, et al., STEM CELLS Translational Medicine


This article highlights mesenchymal stromal/stem cell (MSC) strengths and overall weaknesses in order to contribute to the achievement of a better awareness of challenges related to MSC developments that should be taken into account in future MSC‐based therapeutics.



In Vitro Recapitulation of Developmental Transitions in Human Neural Stem Cells
Laura Ostermann, et al., STEM CELLS


This study describes the in vitro transition of neuroepithelial stem cells into radial glia-like stem cells in a human background. It also defines the developmental relationship between defined in vitro propagated human neural stem cell systems and provides a matrix for the comparability between pluripotent stem cell‐derived populations and their native counterparts in the brain.


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A study compares the ability of intra‐articular injections of MSCs to provide pain and functional improvements in symptomatic knee osteoarthritis patients

A new study provides insight into the extracellular signals that modulate liver CSC self‐renewal and highlights the inhibitory roles of Tcf7l1 in cancer

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